Our Cities Were Built To Be Destroyed

We are proud to present a Dreamland Syndicate book entitled Our Cities Were Built to Be Destroyed. With this publication we are looking into an ongoing art project by Wojtek Kostrzewa – Polish artist, living in São Paulo, Brazil. He examines urban landscape, modernist architecture and it’s decay in many forms. Notes, images, interventions and graphic design suggest a narrative, artist’s own commentary on living in the city. Features DS graphics as well as an amazing typeface from Bass Jan Other. Essay by Wojtek Kostrzewa in English and Polish. Printed in full colour in Warsaw, 124 pages.

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Potwory i Ludzie – Wakacje EP

Proudly presenting Potwory I Ludzie – Wakacje EP. Warsaw’s finest drop 4 punk and beat driven songs on their summer holiday themed EP. Limited edition cassette tapes available via DSTR.

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Doublet x Dreamland Syndicate

Our latest collaboration is with the one and only amazing designer Ino Masuyaki from Doublet, who invited us to design a T-shirt, that would be compressed into a ball and sold from vending machine. We are very happy to be a part of this collaboration and that we could create something so unique and thoughtful, yet still fun and surprising.

The compressed T-shirt collection is available from Doublet stockists worldwide. Other brands that took part in the project include Landlord, Better and Salvages.

Photo: Ittetsu Matsuoka

Mazutti – Alive VI

Warsaw’s experimental trio delivers acid techno beats and industrial power on this DSTR release.  Cassette tapes available via Bandcamp.

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Torpur – Gobland EP

One of this months 3 releases is Torpur’s Gobland EP. Limited edition tapes available via DSTR Bandcamp. 

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