Decolonize T-shirt x SDK Slonecznik

Pre-orders have closed now but we will have a very limited run of the tees in our flagship store in Warsaw. Follow our ig for further details.

Decolonize Russia T-Shirt  X SUNFLOWER - Solidary Communituy Center

100% cotton T-Shirt printed in Warsaw. Collaboration with SDK Slonecznik - Solidarny Dom Kultury (Sunflower Solidary Community Center). All income generated by the sales of this T-Shirt will go towards helping SDK Sunflower to continue their work as a supportive multicultural space and network, helping different initiatives of humanitarian help in Ukraine.

The “Sunflower” Solidary Community Center was set up as an emergency support initiative during the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Artists and activists together with the team of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, have turned the museum’s office space at Pańska street into an autonomous help center for migrants and refugees.
Currently, the “Sunflower” Solidary Community Center functions as an open, supportive, multilingual and multicultural space. As well as the international think tank that researches current infowar and contemporary geopolitics from the perspective of Eastern Europe.

Info from the Museum's website.