WOW - meet the free improv duo from Warsaw

Proudly presenting this new DSTR release. WOW! a free improv duo from Warsaw.

In their own words: WOW is a take on improvised music for the people who are into Tim Buckley or The Fall, but the Deadheads are also welcome! ‘Zdzwonka’ is their first effort that also documents their first actual meeting in this incarnation. Some wild free-jazz jams can be found here, as well as mellow, meditative metallophone moments.

Let’s imagine a scene where everybody’s from a different backyard, from different schools, but everyone wants to bark, everyone wants to howl when others are barking and howling in other backyards, or maybe actually the same backyards in which they allow to practice free musical expression. We are The Unity even if we part.

Limited edition cassette tape. 

Listen to WOW on Bandcamp.