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A selection of Dreamland Syndicate garments cut and sewn in Warsaw Poland, a district known for it's notorious resistance to gentrification. We use big bad factories waste fabric, often print over it and create new pieces while fighting the good cause.

ANARCHY PEACE Bandana Sale price€27,00 Regular price€55,00
Save 10%ANARCHY PEACE Organic Tote BagANARCHY PEACE Organic Tote Bag
ANARCHY PEACE Organic Tote Bag Sale price€45,00 Regular price€50,00
ANARCHY SNOW Tote Bag XL Sale price€44,00 Regular price€88,00
Save 50%Baggy Pants wit Pleats Corduroy - Dreamland SyndicateBaggy Pants wit Pleats Corduroy - Dreamland Syndicate
Baggy Pants wit Pleats Corduroy Sale price€95,00 Regular price€190,00
Save 55%Baggy TrousersBaggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers Sale price€85,00 Regular price€190,00
Save 49%Black Hole JacketBlack Hole Jacket
Black Hole Jacket Sale price€145,00 Regular price€285,00
Sold outSave 50%Black Hole TrousersBlack Hole Trousers
Black Hole Trousers Sale price€95,00 Regular price€190,00
Save 50%Candy Cord Skirt - Dreamland SyndicateCandy Cord Skirt - Dreamland Syndicate
Candy Cord Skirt Sale price€60,00 Regular price€120,00
Save 51%Candyman Jacket - Dreamland SyndicateCandyman Jacket - Dreamland Syndicate
Candyman Jacket Sale price€140,00 Regular price€286,00
Save 49%Candyman Shorts - Dreamland SyndicateCandyman Shorts - Dreamland Syndicate
Candyman Shorts Sale price€71,00 Regular price€140,00
Save 50%Eyeweb Jacket - Dreamland SyndicateEyeweb Jacket - Dreamland Syndicate
Eyeweb Jacket Sale price€125,00 Regular price€250,00
Save 50%Eyeweb Long Sleeve Shirt - Dreamland SyndicateEyeweb Long Sleeve Shirt - Dreamland Syndicate
Eyeweb Long Sleeve Shirt Sale price€85,00 Regular price€170,00
Save 50%Eyeweb Shirt - Dreamland SyndicateEyeweb Shirt - Dreamland Syndicate
Eyeweb Shirt Sale price€85,00 Regular price€170,00
Save 52%Eyeweb Shirt/Dress - Dreamland SyndicateEyeweb Shirt/Dress - Dreamland Syndicate
Eyeweb Shirt/Dress Sale price€65,00 Regular price€135,00
Save 52%Eyeweb Trousers - Dreamland SyndicateEyeweb Trousers - Dreamland Syndicate
Eyeweb Trousers Sale price€80,00 Regular price€165,00
Save 25%KAOS VestKAOS Vest
KAOS Vest Sale price€150,00 Regular price€200,00
Save 67%Nightstomp Shirt - Dreamland SyndicateNightstomp Shirt - Dreamland Syndicate
Nightstomp Shirt Sale price€50,00 Regular price€150,00
Save 49%Post-boredom Jacket - Dreamland SyndicatePost-boredom Jacket - Dreamland Syndicate
Post-boredom Jacket Sale price€145,00 Regular price€285,00
Sold outSave 49%Post-boredom Trousers - Dreamland SyndicatePost-boredom Trousers - Dreamland Syndicate
Post-boredom Trousers Sale price€96,00 Regular price€190,00
Straight Leg Pants - Dreamland SyndicateStraight Leg Pants - Dreamland Syndicate
Straight Leg Pants Sale price€190,00
Sold outSave 49%Tact ShirtTact Shirt
Tact Shirt Sale price€99,00 Regular price€195,00
Save 25%Workingman Cropped Jacket - Dreamland SyndicateWorkingman Cropped Jacket - Dreamland Syndicate
Workingman Cropped Jacket Sale price€190,00 Regular price€255,00
Save 41%Zerowork Pants Wine - Dreamland SyndicateZerowork Pants Wine - Dreamland Syndicate
Zerowork Pants Wine Sale price€80,00 Regular price€135,00