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Welcome to DS: ARCHIVE SALE 2024. 

This year's deals features a personal favourites edit from DS staff.

We offer a tracked world wide shipping service with free shipping for orders over €70 (Poland), €120 (EU, UK, USA, Japan) and €150 (Rest of the World)!

Domes long sleeve - Dreamland SyndicateDomes long sleeve - Dreamland Syndicate
Domes long sleeve Sale price€55,00
Tape T-shirt - Dreamland SyndicateTape T-shirt - Dreamland Syndicate
Tape T-shirt Sale price€55,00
Sold outOasis Long Sleeve - Dreamland Syndicate
Oasis Long Sleeve Sale price€245,00
Signals/Echoes T-shirt - Dreamland SyndicateSignals/Echoes T-shirt - Dreamland Syndicate
Signals/Echoes T-shirt Sale price€45,00
Environ/Mental Hoodie - Dreamland SyndicateEnviron/Mental Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Environ/Mental Hoodie Sale price€165,00
B-Vision Cropped Hoodie - Dreamland SyndicateB-Vision Cropped Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
B-Vision Cropped Hoodie Sale price€165,00
Wave Crewneck - Dreamland Syndicate
Wave Crewneck Sale price€135,00
Everything Hoodie - Dreamland SyndicateEverything Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Everything Hoodie Sale price€165,00
Tribe Long SleeveTribe Long Sleeve
Tribe Long Sleeve Sale price€60,00
Sold outSignals/Echoes Tote Bag - Dreamland SyndicateSignals/Echoes Tote Bag - Dreamland Syndicate
Signals/Echoes Tote Bag Sale price€35,00
Signals/Echoes Cropped Hoodie with Patches - Dreamland SyndicateSignals/Echoes Cropped Hoodie with Patches - Dreamland Syndicate
Signals/Echoes Hoodie with Patches - Dreamland SyndicateSignals/Echoes Hoodie with Patches - Dreamland Syndicate
Equal Rights Hoodie - Dreamland SyndicateEqual Rights Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Equal Rights Hoodie Sale price€165,00
Signals/Echoes Crewneck with patches - Dreamland SyndicateSignals/Echoes Crewneck with patches - Dreamland Syndicate
Forest Cropped Hoodie - Dreamland SyndicateForest Cropped Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Forest Cropped Hoodie Sale price€135,00
Cuteland Cropped Hoodie Black - Dreamland SyndicateCuteland Cropped Hoodie Black - Dreamland Syndicate
Cuteland Cropped Hoodie Black Sale price€155,00
Machine Hoodie - Dreamland SyndicateMachine Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Machine Hoodie Sale price€155,00
Peace Cropped Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Peace Cropped Hoodie Sale price€155,00
Chain Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Chain Hoodie Sale price€165,00
Postboredom Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Postboredom Hoodie Sale price€155,00
Warped Cropped Hoodie - Dreamland Syndicate
Warped Cropped Hoodie Sale price€155,00