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Burroughs T-shirt

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Number 23 seems to have strange cultural significance. Burroughs began observing it after a strange incident occurred whilst in Tangiers - he was told a story of a ferry captain named Clark who sailed with no accident for 23 years and later that same day captain sank the ship. When Burroughs was thinking about this accident the man on the radio announced an aeroplane crashed on a flight route number 23 whose pilot was also named captain Clark. This started an obsession which he carried throughout his life.
Today, on 23rd, we celebrate this special man. You can circle the world and not find another one like him. An icon of transgression, the first to do this, the first to do that, before you even read anything of Burroughs’s you know you are dealing with a lot. A novel to be read in any order, paintings done with shotguns... We are here not just to ruin your day, we want your entire life.
The invisible man, the great novelist and artist William S. Burroughs and his work in the field of dreams became a major influence on us. William taught us everything through his experiments with cut-up techniques in writing, sound and visual art and this is why he is featured on this season’s hero t-shirt.
A long time passed since I watched WSB buy a parrot on Ubu and I still come back to where it all began with the word virus, a photo falling and a call to all active agents... You got to cut it up to see what it really says...


Part of SS20 Post-boredom drop. Regular fit 100% cotton graphic tee. 

Features a portrait of the novelist William S. Burroughs. 

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Burroughs T-shirt - Dreamland Syndicate
Burroughs T-shirt Sale price€50,00